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The United States to me is a place where the tension is high because there is so much diversity, and so many people wanting to have it their way that a lot of the time we don’t have that unity that most other countries seem to have. Here in the U.S. personal wealth seems to take precedence over a lot of other important things like, helping the less fortunate here in our own country, or curing diseases worldwide. Like most countries though the United States has some bad history to overcome but we are still relatively a young country with a significantly large number of serious problems that will undoubtedly take many more years to solve. The United States is a capitalist country, some people believe that making money is everything that this country stands for and the people at the top will step on anyone or do anything to stay ahead financially. In America, wealth is one of the best indicators of social status. Many have said that some of our wars have started and ended over no other reason than money. Americans are often labeled as selfish and greedy, and I disagree with this. Most individual Americans are caring and generous people they seem to be genuinely concerned about people in need, such as the poverty stricken and diseased. We Americans go out of our way to help other countries when we don’t have to, if we were as self-centered as we seem to be labeled around the world then we would just look the other way but we don’t. The term “melting pot” is a great analogy to describe how diverse America is. And what better proof could there be that this is a great country other than the fact that, so many people from all over the world are willing to leave their lives and move here to start a new. Having so many different cultures mixing in one place of course is going to cause problems and confusion such as there being so many different viewpoints and others

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