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The United Nations Essay

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  • on March 11, 2013
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United Nations Research Assignment

The human rights sections have succeeded in many different as including;

Ending the Apartheid in South Africa in 1994
This began in 1948 after WWII and separated the South African people based on colour in every aspect of society. In 1976 a UN Centre Against Apartheid was created. This centre helped to void the racist constitution and many meetings against racist South Africa   were helped to find a solution. Nelson Mandela addressed many crowds after this and soon after became the first non-white elected president of South Africa. Although traces of racism still exist and will for a few more generations, most of the old racism has been successfully abolished. Since the segregation was finished, the UN has kept situations like this out of the world.

World Food Program
The World Food Program provides food for 90 million peoe in nearly 50 countries every year, this is on top of the 20 million children who are reached through school food programs. This service goes to great lengths to get food to these people; including the use of animals, planes, trucks, ships and any other means of transport available. The WFP is also the world's largest organization for fighting hunger and is funded completely by donation. Many programs are being run to prevent further hunger problems. Food is also being used to bring more people to schools so that they can get an education, a job and ultimately afford their own food. Without the WFP, many would starve and wouldn't receive the care that they have the right to as a human being.

Rights for People with Disabilities
Not only has there been a convention for people it's disabilities written up in 1982, there is a World Program of Action (WPA) that is set up world wide to tackle any issues or discrimination against those who are physically or mentally disabled. These people are now allowed the same opportunities as those who a fully able and no longer will be persecuted for the way they...

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