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The Understanding Cultural Construction To fully understand how culture has been constructed we would need to go back in time to be able to judge for ourselves on how it was really developed. The readings describe different methods used by colonial power to break the spirit of the people by capturing Africans to become slaves or simply conquering the Mexican lands. So, culture is essentially created by the power of one race over another. It’s the behavior and characteristics of beliefs that are set by the people with power who come from social groups to make their surroundings impoverish by not treating Africans the same and not giving them enough money to prosper and as for Mexicans they had no jobs or land to obtain money. This opens one’s eyes to observe more carefully how culture has been permanently changed. Aimé Césaire’s "Discourse on Colonialism" tells how colonizers have often attempted to control and subjugate their colonies, but in the end their plans backfire. Cesaire examines the methods Europeans used to govern other races by brutality and torture; they would do it to the yellow people who were the (Indians) and Negros (Africans) and they would be in good stand no contradiction would come against them it was “barbarism”. They did not want to bother on taking control over those who raped young girls, torture or murder innocent ones. “They absolved it, shut their eyes to it, legitimized, because until then it was only applied to non- European people” (Cesaire14). In an odd sort of way, they were becoming insane over power, so the upper class was taking control of those who they believed were inferior to them; they would make them do what they wanted. “The regeneration of the inferior or degenerate races by the superior races is part of the providential order of things for humanity” (Cesaire 16). According to Cesaire culture in all of this is that

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