The Underground Railroad Essay

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The Story Chapter 1: December 7 1941, PEARL HARBOR Captain Tan “Hey Captain!”Private Chen said.”Look! There’s some enemy!”The captain said, “I don’t think so. Don’t worry.” Then I saw planes, Japanese planes. “JAPANESE PLANES!!”I shouted. Then the next second, I heard BOOM BOOM! I fell on my hands, hard. “Damn! Let’s GO! This ship is going to sink! OFF THIS SHIP!” I heard my friend, Sergeant Tran said. “Get off this SHIP!” I mostly heard BOOMs, shouts, and screams. I hit a glass window hard and the window cracked. “AGH!” I said. Then I walked back to where I was and ran. “GAAAAHHH!” I shouted and smashed the window. I went out the window and I splashed into the water. Then I saw a U.S canoe and I got on it. Suddenly I saw a Japanese canoe and the soldiers fired their guns. Everyone was lucky to survive the shooting but Private Chen. “YOU MOTHER****ERS!”I shouted. One Japanese soldier shouted, “You are coming with us American!” They grabbed us one at a time to their boat. “Where are you taking us you *****es?” Sergeant Tran asked one of the Japanese soldiers. “We are taking you to torture camp.” He answered. I looked at Private Chen’s body and tears came down my cheeks. I looked into the eyes of the Japanese commander who shot Chen. Chapter 2: Torture Captain Tan We were forced to sit on wooden chairs and be quiet. Me and Private Bereski were sitting on the chairs. Then I saw the face of the commander who shot Chen. “You sons of *****es!” Shouted Bereski. “You killed more than 2,000 good men!” The commander shouted, “QUIET!” “**** NO!” Shouted Bereski. Then the commander grabbed his sword and sliced Bereski. He was bleeding so much, that he fell down. “Next!” said the commander. “I am gonna kill you ALL!” I shouted. I saw Sergeant Tran sit down on the chair. “God dammit.” I whispered. “I am gonna grab his gun and shoot all of these *****es.” “NO TALKING!” The

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