The Unconscious Essay

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The Unconscious The unconscious is a nonnegotiable shibboleth. Reading Freud’s piece on the unconscious tells me that we are in a way a stranger to ourselves, in such a way that we are unknown to ourselves. ‘ we have to take into account the fact that analytic investigation reveals some of these latent processes as having characteristics and peculiarities which seem alien to us, or even incredible, and which run directly counter to the attributes of consciousness with which we are familiar. Freud believed that the mind consists of certain divisions and can be split up into the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. We can associate our unconscious mind with a place in which we harbour our inner most desires and wishes which also reflects the pleasure principle where there is a sense of freedom. A way in which to describe this more effectively is to use the example of a dream. When we are asleep our unconscious takes over and is fully in control as our consciousness is in a state of latency. People’s true feelings and desires may manifest themselves in a dream; these may be things we have never thought of in our consciousness. ‘It also comprises of acts which are merely latent, temporarily unconscious.’ The conscious mind in some respects act as a filter where repressed thoughts and fillings lie and prevent them from entering our consciousness. Freud also makes it apparent that although in the unconscious, theses thoughts aren’t loss and can be accessible. Certain material within the unconscious for one reason or another can be brought to consciousness by overcoming whatever it was that brought about it being rejected from the conscious. Freud explains that there has been further proof of the unconscious through hypnotic experiments and post-hypnotic suggestion. Although all repressed emotions and memories are in the unconscious Freud makes us aware

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