The US Border Patrol: The Mexican Border

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The U.S. Border Patrol Abstract The Mexican border poses a significant threat to the United States from international terrorism, drug and gun smuggling, and undocumented aliens. With the high number of drugs being smuggled from Mexico into the United States Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the United States are maxed out with the use of their resources to interdict the drugs before they are sold or used on the streets. The drugs that are interdicted are just a fraction of what actually makes it across the border. One specific threat is the profits from drug sales end up funding or supporting terror groups or individuals. Another issue that is very alarming is the Jihadist materials found along the Mexico/U.S. border. It all goes back…show more content…
The demand for illegal narcotics in the United States is very high. The two most prominent and dangerous cartels, the Sinaloa’s and the Los Zetas smuggles approximately 90% of the cocaine used in the United States. The drugs Mexican cartels smuggle into the United States include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and Ecstasy. Mexico produces a substantial amount of marijuana and the potency of Mexican marijuana is on the rise, yielding longer highs and more profits for the cartels. The cartels make billions of dollars in illegal narcotics they smuggle through the Mexican border. The Mexican and United States economies are entwined in a cat and mouse game with the cartels. The hunt is on but with the billions of dollars generated by the cartels, it seems as if they may in fact hold a wild card in thwarting the current efforts made by the partnerships between the United States and Mexico. However, there is good news. The Senate struck a deal on Thursday, June 22, 2013 to boost border security in the immigration bill, including building 700 miles of fence and adding 20,000 Border Patrol agents to the Southwest, in a move those on both sides say could clear the way for a bipartisan vote next week (Dinan, 2013). If passed, the increased number of agents and additional construction of border fencing along the Mexican border would improve the security of the southwestern border and increase the effectiveness of the USBP along the Mexican Border. This buildup of border patrol agents and physical security will help the United States by improving security and reducing the amount of drugs and illegal aliens crossing into the United

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