The U2 And The Bomber Gap Essay

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Will the reform and improvement recommendations actually improve intelligence performance (“fill the glass”), its integration into national security policy, and/or prevent future failure or surprise? And which problems will remain—as per Betts--inherent and unsolvable? The reform and recommendations can improve the performance of Intelligence Community but they will not prevent future failures or surprises. Reforms and recommendations after 9/11 and Iraq war can get better intelligence products by improving analysis , collection and cooperation between different agencies. However, inherent enemies, outside and innocent enemies of intelligence, ‘noise’ syndrome , organizational restrictions and differences in procedure will impede the intelligence performance and as a result will not prevent future failures. Decision makers should realize that not everything can be fixed by last reforms, even the finest designed system will generate many faults . Firstly, improving of analysis will bring better intelligence products. One thing that can be done by analysts is ‘overcoming their own mindset’ , especially related to issues of key decision makers concerns that analysts have reported frequently and for which they have achieved agreed estimate judgment. While Davies termed it as ‘tribal think’ George explains it as the pressure within an office to preserve the existing model, pack down challenging views and forcing young analysts to accept how an office identifies a problem. Another thing to improve by analysts is avoiding ‘group thinking’ , which is related to inherited assumptions. New analysts should be careful that experienced analysts can pass along assumptions which are not sufficiently questioned or reconsidered. Something else that analysts can improve is having a full and complete understanding of the source’s access to the information on which they are

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