The U.S. Military Essay

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My dream job is to be a part of the United States Military. The branch I want to join is the Air Force because I think they offer more to me than any other branch. For example the Air Force offers me free schooling of any type of education that I am interested in. I will also get free health insurance for me and my family and four hundred thousand dollar life insurance if anything happens to me. I loved to travel and see other place and with being the military I will be doing a lot of traveling and the military will pay for it. Those are some of the benefits and reasons why I want to be a part of the United States Military. Another reason this is my dream job is because the pay is pretty good but it also depends on job I take when I join. The job I am going for when I join it pays about 80,000 a year. In June I will be leaving for basic training and that’s something that I have to do no choice. I will be going to Texas to do that and not sure yet about where my tech school will be or where i will be at for the next six years. I will find out where I will be station at after I get to my tech school. My working conditions will be whatever I am told to do and where ever I am told to go. There are rewards to being a part of our country’s military and one of those rewards are just being a part of it and there is many more to earn. The Air Force is my dream job because it is something that I have always dreamed of doing sense I was a little kid and it’s a family thing. The qualities of the Air Force and any military is that why are trained to be the best and we are the best and that’s something to be proud of. Some of those qualities are ground defense, management, operations, military communications, military values and etc. I think I will really enjoy being in this line of work as a Airman and I’ll be proud to serve and protect for my

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