The Tyger and the Lamb

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The Tyger and The Lamb William Blake was an author from the 1800s, he was someone who had a set view against the realism that was going on at the time he was alive, like the revolutions that were going on and him beginning to question his faith and the world he had once been so sure he had known. There were two of his poems that made a great impact on that thought process in my mind and that will be thoroughly discussed in this essay would have to be William Blake’s called The Tyger and The Lamb. These two poems were published almost exactly 5 years apart from each other and yet a reader can say that they could and must have been intermingling poems to each other because of the way they compliment each other so well. Although the way that The Lamb and The Tyger are portrayed and thought of as two different poems, but in reality The Tyger is more of an extension of The Lamb, more similarities than differences. One difference between The Lamb and The Tyger is how one is innocent and fragile and the other is more experience and rough. In the quote “Softest clothing wooly bright/Gave thee such a tender voice,/Making all the vales rejoice! (Lines 7-9)”. The Lamb is considered to be about an innocence, the questioning of the gentle lamb and how it knows of its creator and the hope it gives. The Tyger is something more sinister and complicated. Like in this quote “Could twist the sinews of thy heart?/And when thy heart began to beat,/ What dread hand? & what dread feet? (Lines 10-12).” An article by Martin Price, Called Songs of Innocence and Experience, states that “The Lamb, the creator “calls himself a Lamb/ He is meek, & he is mild;/He became a little child.” In The Tyger the creator again is like what he creates… (Martin 17).” Which shows my early statement about Blake’s The Lamb and The Tyger. A similarity between the two poems by Blake would have to be the
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