The Twitter Effect on Business

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Social media has changed the interaction and communication of individuals around the world. However, social media is not a new concept. In fact, social media is a concept that has been evolving since the inception of human interaction. Throughout history, humans have developed different technologies that facilitate the need for communication. The earliest form of social media communication dates back to 1792, when the telegraph was used to send and receive messages over long distances. Towards the end of the 1800s, the radio and telephone were used for social interaction, although the radio only facilitated one-way interactions with the public. Email came around during the 1960s, but the Internet was not available to the general public until 1991, when the first social networking sites began to arise. These sites ceased to exist during the early 2000s, when more successful sites such as MySpace, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter revolutionized social networking across the globe (Edomsowan, et. al 2011). Twitter was created in 2006, just when Facebook decided to expand its membership to the general public. From the beginning, Twitter has had a competitive advantage over Facebook and other social media websites as it offers a wider range of options for networking. Twitter was the first to offer microblogging, which allows users to share their thoughts to the world with a strict limit of 140 characters. In addition, many celebrities became notorious users of this platform since its creation, which has also contributed to Twitter’s continued growth. With over 500 million daily tweets from 288 million monthly users, Twitter is the third most prominent social networking site around the world, only after Facebook and YouTube (Edomsowan, et. al 2011). Twitter’s worldwide popularity warrants a wide audience for businesses to engage with. However, what type of influence,

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