The Twelve Dancing Hookers Essay

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The Twelve Dancing Hookers A few years back there was a group of twelve wondering Hookers. They worked for the most ruthless Pimp in all the land. Every night, right under the Pimp’s noise, the twelve hookers would slip into their most revealing outfits and tip toe out of their brothel and not return until the break of dawn. Exhausted from the past nights events they would sleep through the entire next day. The Pimp would make his way to their room cane in hand, screaming at the top of his lungs at them to wake up, and when they did he would lay his pimp hand straight across each one of their faces demanding answers, but none of them would ever confess where they had been or how they slipped out. The pimp who was used to making truckloads of money off these girls grew extremely tired of this routine because his bank role was shrinking little by little every-day. This continued for a couple of weeks until one day when the pimp had enough. The Pimp put the word on the streets that he needed his best thugs to come to the brothel and help him with a task. Once the men arrived the Pimp filled them in on what was happening, he told them about the disappearing, about the lying, and most importantly the massive amounts of money he was losing every day. He made sure they understood when he loses money they lose money. After making sure he had sufficiently beat the importance of the meeting into their heads he laid the details of the task he required on them. He told them that he wanted volunteers to spy on the hookers, find out where they’re going, and report back to him with proof and the reward for completing the task would be that they could take their pick of the twelve, and open their own brothel with his blessing. There was a catch, if they failed he would chop them up and feed them to his dogs. Due to the pimp’s disturbing reputation the thugs believed him without a

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