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London Tube Information The Tube are the nicknames for London Subway. World oldest subway - the first part open in 1863. In 1980 it was the first subway to also use electricity. The first railway was built between: Paddington Station and Farringdon Street through King's Cross The Tube was in the beginning made by private companies. First in 1985 it was own and driven by the British Government. Under the name of LUL (London Underground Limited) In 1933 the subway was connect under one union - London passenger Transport Board. Facts The Tube has: Stations 270 Trail - 402 kilometres(the world next largest subway) Only Shanghai Metro is bigger In 2007, where more than a billion passengers registries! It is the 3th most used subway, only surpassed by the subway in Moscow and Paris. The Tubes map, has been a inspiration for the hole world, with it classic design. Investment The transportations costs is cover by 86% by the passengers access income. Only few undergrounds carriages has air condition. So at the summer the clime is very hot in the Tube. So to renovate that and make it more comfortable - the plan will cost about ££10 Billions History In the middle of 1800 the roads of London became over crowded, and the main train service did not cover the center of London. So when it was declared that That a line of railways companies would make and experiment, with trains that ran under the road, The people of London was excited. But when it was ready and up and running, the excitement quickly disappeared. Unlike today were the underground system is one of the cheapest way of transportations of London, it was very expensive beck then, and despite the high price, it wasn´t a luxury ride. The most modern train at that time was a steam locomotive, and when the train went underground the steam, became choking and

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