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Have you ever tried out for a team or sport? I have, and it was the absolute most nerve-racking thing I have ever done. Try outs weren’t anything new to me, but I was trying out for the dance team, and let’s just say I’m not the most graceful person. I had been a cheerleader for a few years, and most people think dance and cheer is pretty much the same thing, but they are totally different. What made it even worse was that the dance team was a brand new sport at my school, and even if I did make it, I would be the youngest dancer on the team. Three weeks before tryouts we started having practices so that the coach could teach us the routine we were supposed to do; she also taught us all the requirements we were supposed to know, such as toe touches, donkeys, illusions, and hitch kicks. The dance we had to learn consisted of nine eight counts of a song that seamed easy to me, but just because it was easy didn’t mean I was doing it right. There were twenty-seven girls trying out for the team, and only thirteen were going to make it. The Friday afternoon of tryouts, I showed up at school in a blue tank top and black shorts. Everyone was practicing in the lobby. We all drew numbers to decide what order we would go in; I was number fourteen. We were the fifth group to go. I listened to the other girls who came out of the gym before me, and they all said, “The judges stare at you, and it is really nerve-racking.” Then it was my group’s turn. The three of us went into the tryout gym and stared at the judges. We didn’t say a word. The coach said, “We will start with the dance.” She started the music, and the three of us danced our hearts out in front of the three judges. I thought I did pretty well. After that, the three of us took turns doing the requirements. Then we went back out to the lobby. I thought I had tried my best, and by this time, the

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