The Truth Unfolds: Two Lives Taken Essay

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Imagine if Canada still had the death penalty or even when we did, how many innocent people could have died. “I want to see justice done. Justice hasn’t been done” Steven Truscott protests. In 1959 Truscott was sentenced to hang by the neck until death at the age of 14. Truscott was wrongfully convicted of the murder and rape of Lynne Harper. He was a victim of inadequate professionalism, inconsistent witness testimony and faulty evidence. One of the main reasons Steven Truscott was found guilty for a crime he did not commit was because of inadequate professionalism meaning that the police officers and detective should have investigated the other 5 possible suspects but chose to ignore them. The Fifth Estate identified Sgt. Alexander Kalichuk as a possible suspect that the police over looked. Kalichuk was an airman who had been stationed at Clinton earlier to 1959. He was stationed at Aylmerat in Seaforth, which was a short drive to the base which he visited regularly. Sgt. Alexander Kalichuk was a former alcoholic and psychiatric patient known for having a sexual interest in children. Two weeks before Lynne’s death, he tried to pick up other children in the area. A few weeks after Lynne’s death he entered a psychiatric hospital, according to records he was suffering from anxiety depression and guilt. Kalichuk spent the rest of his life in and out of psychiatric hospitals and eventually died in 1975 from alcoholism. Another probable suspect was a former salesman who was apparently called at the Clinton base frequently; he drove a 1957 Chevy which fit the description to the vehicle that Truscott saw Lynne get into. He caught the attention of the police after he tried to break into the home of Barry Ruhl; a retired OPP Det. In a statement to the OPP, Ruhl conduced the man could be a possible suspect in several murders, including Lynne’s. Something

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