The Truth Hides Behind a Mask Essay

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The Truth Hides Behinds a Mask Racism and bias are some of the gravest threats to humanity. They are the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason. Racism and bias are the building blocks to America's growth, but society learned to cover it up. We cover the bad with a false smile in attempting to bring out good. Although our society seems to have evolved beyond the clumsy chains of slavery and segregation, there continues to be racism and bias today. The surface of American society is covered with a thick layer of misleading smiles, but from time to time one can see the inequalities breaking through. Slavery is the fermented root of America. "It says a lot that 150 years after the fact there is still a significant degree of debate on the role of slavery in causing the most momentous conflict in our country’s history. I feel there is a more than enough primary source evidence from the antebellum period and the war itself to firmly establish the assertion that slavery was the root cause of the war. The evidence to the contrary is spotty, often apocryphal and shaky enough that I can’t imagine being convinced otherwise. That’s not to say there weren’t any number of immediate ignition sources to light the flame of war — indeed, the evidence of this is every bit as compelling as the evidence asserting slavery as the root cause. But without slavery, there was no war. It seems to me that assertions of slavery’s secondary role are rooted in a reaction to today’s liberal political elite’s continuing desire to flog an entire section of the country for the supposed sins of their forebears. While this is a perfectly understandable reaction, it doesn’t alter the fact that the vast preponderance of evidence shows that slavery was the one indispensable element in causing the nation to fall into the maelstrom of civil war" (Ajhall). With slavery, many controversies arose.
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