The Truth About the First Thanksgiving Essay

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Frye, Chandler The Truth About the First Thanksgiving Have you ever found yourself wondering just how much we really know about the history of the United States? What if there were numerous amounts of facts and stories that our schools’ textbooks left out, or just simply lied about? That is exactly what James W. Loewen had set out to discuss in his article, The Truth about the First Thanksgiving, which can be found in the collection Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. James W. Loewen made several interesting key points that need to be considered when one thinks about the true story of the first Thanksgiving. Who were the first known settlers of what we now know as the United States? Were the Pilgrims actually trying to make it to Virginia? And lastly, did the Pilgrims and the Indians really get along the way we tell stories in today’s society? Loewen’s main point and argument is simple, the true history of it all reveals some quite embarrassing facts, and if our textbooks wanted to give an accurately moral story, they could have correctly told both the good and bad sides of the stories. Often times, many of us have an inaccurate belief that the Pilgrims, settling the soil in 1620, were the first humans in what is now known as the United States. Loewen actally briefly mentions asking a group of his college students, and that was their general consensus also. However, it is not the truth. A very common argument is that settlers were white, and the Indians did not settle. In fact, the first non-natives to settle the area were actually African slaves left behind by the Spanish in 1526, who left the country after a failing settlement attempt of their own. Some later settlers, and technically our first pilgrims, were Spanish Jews in search of a new place to secure their religious freedom. Another thing that Loewen mentions,

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