The Truth About the Creation Story Essay

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The creation stories are fictional, science must be right. Some Christians (known as Creation lists or Literalists) take the Bible literally; believing what it states word for word is true. They believe the universe was created in six days, that all living things existed from the beginning of the world and that each ‘day’ mentioned in Genesis was actually 24 hours. They also reject all scientific discoveries such as the Big Bang and Evolution as they are not mentioned in Biblical accounts. In the 19th century, Philip Gosse, a naturalist, even suggested that fossil remains found on earth had been put there as a test of faith by God. Other Christians accept a more liberal approach. They believe that the Genesis creation stories should be understood in a mythical sense. They claim they provide important information but are stories and not factually accurate. They interpret the ‘days’ of creation to be ‘period of time’ and not literally 24 hours. They maintain God created the universe but see no real conflict between science and religion, believing together they give an accurate picture of life. As they accept periods of creation, they are more open to scientific theories such as evolution and the Big Bang. One philosophical theory accepted by some Christians is that of intelligent design. This is the theory that the universe is best explained by the existence of an intelligent designer who planned and created it. In my opinion I am stuck between believing in science or God. However there must have been something before the development of our planet, before everything started evolving, how did it all start? I believe something must have given it a help in hand, science couldn’t have done it all by itself. The different viewpoints of this theory do interfere with what I believe to be true or

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