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TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 1.INTRODUCTION 3.THE EFFECTS OF MASS COMMUNICATION (EFFECT STUDIES) 3.1 Agenda Setting 1 3.2 Agenda Setting in terms of Aids programmes that have a profound effect. 3.3 Framing 3.4 Framing in terms of Aids Programmes that have a profound effect. 2 7.GLOBALISATION 7.1 Concentration 3 7.2 Convergence 7.3 Liberalisation 7.4 Privatisation 7.5 Internationalisation 4 7.6 Commercialisation 8.CONCLUSION SOURCES 5 . INTRODUCTION This is on the effects of mass communication and globalisation around the world. 3. THE EFFECTS OF MASS COMMUNICATION (EFFECT STUDIES) 3.1. This is when the media provide media users with a daily agenda on what’s on, hats important, what to think about and how to think about it. In this process certain topics and issues are raised to a level of greater significance. (Study Guide,) Agenda setting this focuses on what topics the media present to an audience and secondly on how information on the selected topics is presented. (P.Fourie 2007 2nd Ed) 3.2 This particular article on AIDS has set the agenda in many ways. Firstly the film Tsha Tsha has highlighted the use of condoms and thus condom use has increased from 34 percent among those who did not read the programmes and those who did read the programmes and use the media had an increase in 60 percent

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