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We lie about the little things when you least expect it. “Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it.” -Emily Dickinson. When people ask for an honest opinion, try telling the truth. In Maya Angelou’s, “To tell the Truth”, she believes that it is wonderfully liberating to be honest. I prefer people who tell the truth rather than leaving us wondering. I myself am a truthful person because I would not want to leave a person wondering. Some people prefer to be too polite, but what they do not realize is that they are just lying. One day my friend and I were at the mall, he found this nice shirt, so he tried it on. My friend asked me, “Does this look good on me?” and I replied, “No, but if you like it, then get it.” I told him the truth because I did not want to lie to him. The truth is powerful because it is consistent and people pick that up over time. Lies are only powerful in a short period of time and soon get brought up because it is inconsistent with reality. Telling lies just loses one’s credibility. I am honest to others because I would want an honest opinion in return. It might be difficult for those to be honest because they are afraid of hurting one’s feelings. They do not want to know how one will act if he or she tells the truth. In Maya Angelou’s, “To Tell the Truth”, she says, “One does not have to tell all the one knows, but we should be careful what we do say is the truth.” It is nice to tell the truth, but there is a certain extent on how far we go with the truth. There are those that are too polite, and do not realize that they are just lying. People should stop telling little lies- they are just hiding what is true. The consequences of being too polite can be unbeneficial to the person and to yourself. We please others by being nice because, we fear of disapproval. What influences this is families, friendships, politics, etc.

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