The Truman Show

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The Truman Show The director’s intentions with creating this show were not quite clear. He claims that there are no real actors any more. He starts his first show filming Truman, the main character of the show, from the fetus of his mother. The director’s corporation becomes the first to legally adopt a baby human being. To a majority of the audience this seems ‘alright’, but to a former cast member in the Truman Show that gets too close to Truman ends up creating riots and protests against the show’s actions. The cast members know that Truman is the only one that isn’t acting, yet they accept the pay check that allows them to keep living their real lives as they lie to Truman. An innocent man that did not ask to be taken in and filmed since the second he was born up until his adult hood. He was kept as a prisoner in the largest TV studio in the world, always ‘sheltered’ from the outside world. One of the interviews that the director is in during the show, eposes the unreal life of Truman. Manufacturing someone’s life is not right. Truman is not an exception. Would the show have been a greater hit if all of it was an actual act, if Truman was actually let into the secret? Truman proves to be a real man. If the studio had decided to give Truman an ultimatum at the age of enlightenment, and he chose to accept the life that was presented unto him, without letting the audience know that he was no longer a ‘real’ character, then the show might had been more exciting and even become a greater hit. One life cannot have the entire climax that all audiences enjoy. It is obvious that letting Truman roam free on the set, led to more expenses and more unwanted scenes. If I was one of the main characters I wouldn’t have a real life. The main characters of the show have to be ready to act in any unexpected act that Truman might pull. Letting Truman decide his own freewill
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