The True Story Of The Apple Essay

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I know you know Snow White and her little dwarf friends. But I bet you don’t know that they are evil, scheming, little devils. Didn’t expect that coming, did you? My name is Maple A. Wicked. I am the so called witch. But what you don’t know is that Snow White and her short, pudgy friends tricked me! It might be hard to believe, but she was always jealous of my farer skin, hypnotizing brown eyes, peachy orange lips, and my neatly parted hair. Her skin was almost orange, because she went to the tanning bed to, to often. She had dreadful gray eyes the color of smoke that spooked everyone. She wore way, way, way too much lipstick; it was an ugly burgundy color. Her hair was crow black and all knotted up in little frizzy balls. She was a sight for Halloween and only Halloween. One day she decided to make herself as beautiful as me. (She had tried using make and all that junk but it didn’t work). And that day I would become uglier than her. That’s hard to believe. I was always good in science, and loved to experiment. I had accidentally left a certain experiment fizzling in the boiler room down stairs. That little brat snuck in the window and read a poem about beauty. (Who knew that a poem would work?). “As the wind blows against an ugly girl, let her be swept into the air and transformed by a gusting wind,” she said in her raspy voice. I screamed,”Aghhh! Stop it right this instant.” Before I knew it she whispered,” Now is the time to become a beautiful girl.” We were both wisped into the air and were being suffocated by the charging winds. We were dropped to the ground. She ran off, and I just laid there in pain. The next night she discovered that when the moon came up her beauty would disappear. She finally thought of a master plan in her little cottage. And Oh yeah, that sweet innocent cottage, it’s a prop from a movie that was left behind. But back to the

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