The True Story of Synthetic Marijuana Essay

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She lives her life paralyzed from the neck down. Not able to read or write. She is relearning basic addition and subtraction. Friends rotate to help Emily Bauer, 16, get through her school day. They wheel her from class to class, assist her in the restroom, and help her eat. Friends read class material to her and take notes for her as she is partially blind. She attends school for half the day and goes to therapy in the afternoon. Synthetic marijuana destroyed a large portion of her brain. 70% of Emily’s brain is now considered dead. Synthetic marijuana is an herbal mixture sprayed with chemicals that are meant to create a high similar to smoking marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Effects from the synthetic marijuana include: migraines, bloodshot eyes, agitation, change in mood, abnormal behavior, paranoia, hallucinations, possible elevated heart rate and blood pressure, and strokes. Synthetic marijuana caused 11,406 drug-related emergency visits in 2010, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Three people in Colorado may have died after smoking the drug, according to state health officials. The Colorado Department of Public Health launched an investigation after 75 people were hospitalized in late August after using the substance, the results were children ages 12 to 17! 1 out of 9 high school students claimed to have used this drug in 2011, according to a national survey by the University of Michigan. I bring this to your attention because synthetic marijuana is everywhere, closer to you than you think! It’s even here at Grandview. After interviewing an anonymous student at Grandview who we will call “Roxy,” I got a deeper insight about synthetic marijuana. Roxy did inform us that she used synthetic marijuana, because it didn’t show up on drug test like real marijuana. Roxy used synthetic

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