The Trip of a Lifetime Essay

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One plane, 14 hours, and thousands of kilometers away from home there I was in a unfamiliar country with no idea what I had in store. My Gap Year trip started off in eastern Asia. An area of the world where technological advances are made everyday, where the cities seem almost futuristic, but a place with culture and etiquette that has been nearly unchanged for centuries. Though I didn’t stay long, I enjoyed the first taste of what I was about to experience for the next 4 and half months. I left only for a short time, to London, England where the lifestyle and culture is very similar to ours in North America. Time was short and before I knew it I was flying down to Argentina to volunteer in the slums of Buenos Aires, I wanted to get a better understanding of the issues surrounding poverty. Finally I end up back in Canada where I spent three months crossing the country, I started in Halifax and ended up in all the way on the other side in Vancouver, British Columbia. All of this contributes to the main theme of the trip with was to gain independence and understanding of the world around me. As a young adult, I still have plenty of time to contribute to the world around me and hopefully make a positive difference to people’s lives. My first flight arrives in Tokyo, Japan, the starting point of my journey through Asia. In Tokyo I experienced my first cultural shock, the change in social etiquette and in the physical landscape making this destination a good place to start before the rest of my travels into inner Asia. After a week in Tokyo I hopped on another plane to Hong Kong and then to headed China (Beijing), a large communist country with impressive architecture and even more impressive history. While in China I visited eight of its major cities within a four-month period. I stopped in Beijing first to volunteer at a local hospital and to gain basic mandarin

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