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“The Trip” In July of 2013, my friends and I decided to get out of the house this year and do something. I was going through some papers and saw that I had some reserved share time with Silverleaf Resorts. I thought that would be fun, so I booked the trip for the 22nd of July. I quickly called up 6 of my friends and told them the reservations. Come party day, I work up bright and early and started loading up the truck. I picked up my friends one by one. I even decided to bring my children, Vollmer and Chewie; the guinea pigs. Once we got there, I dropped my friends off at the resort. I had to go to the main office to take care of the boring stuff, signing in. Once I got the keys we started loading up the refrigerator. I felt kind of silly seeing as there were mostly snacks in the fridge. Come to find out, I left the pizzas and the ground beef all the way in Chicago! We were 59 miles away in a small town called Sheridan. After we had finished un-packing we all decided to go out for a swim. My friend Winona couldn’t resist, and decided to flirt with one of the lifeguards. She took his number down and I rolled my eyes and we went back to our rooms. The next morning I tried to cook and burned the food. It was just oatmeal! Later that night Winona got a call from the lifeguard. She and him started talking on the phone. Jamal and I were just relaxing on the couch. He was watching TV. and I was trying to find a signal on my phone. The lifeguard, Dylan apparently wanted to come over. Well at this point I raised my eyebrow. “Why could he possibly want to come over our place at 10:00pm?” I said to myself. Come 10:00 we get a knock on the door. I open it. It was Dylan. Jamal, Terri, and I were just having a drink in the living room. Dylan opened the door and walked straight past Winona and started talking to Terri! Immediately after he arrived, his friend arrived. He

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