The Triles of Love Essay

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It was the first day back from Winter break and I hadn't seen Miles since our kiss at his house. He said he needed time to think about what he wanted and I respected that since it was a lot to take in. Not everyone can be like me and already know what they want, but he had said that I made him feel good which is how he makes me feel. As I walked up to the school I noticed Zoe was there, we hadn't talked since she ditched me for Zig the night of the dance. But since that's what brought me and Miles closer together I couldn't hold it against her as I walked towards her glancing at the flyer she had plucked out of Beckys hand. "Power cheer? Don't we already have a cheerleading squad?" I took the flyer from Zoe when she was done looking at it. Not paying attention as Becky explained to Zoe the between cheerleading and power cheer. I had been on the basketball team last term so trying out something new would be interesting. But before I could voice my interest Becky took the flyer from my hand with a sympathetic look on her face. "Sorry Tristan, girls only." The look on both mine and Zoe's face was enough to make Becky turn her back on us and walk away trying to recruit another group of girls that looked like the last thing they wanted was to be talking to Becky. Zoe could tell I was still upset from what Becky had said, knowing it wasn't fair for her to make it where guys couldn't join the team. She stopped and turned to look at me. "We could go talk to Mr. Simpson? There's no way that Becky can say you can't join!" I smiled at her concern. It was nice to know she had my back. We agreed that during our lunch break we would go talk to Mr. Simpson as we headed to our first class of the term. I had just sat down when Zig and Maya walked in and sat down next to us. I said my hellos to Zig and continued to ignore Maya. I hadn't spoken to her since she outted my

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