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The Treaty of Versailles was a peace settlement between Germany and the allies (France, Britain & USA) after World War 1. The treaty was made in June 1919 by all the nations involved apart from Germany. The French in particularly wanted a peace which would weaken Germany so much they could not attack France in the future. German government had the choice to sign the treaty, thus putting an end to the war by them officially surrendering or have their country occupied by allied troops. They had little choice but to surrender and accept the terms of the treaty no matter how harsh they were going to be. Germany had reason to believe the treaty would not be a majorly harsh one. Due to Germanys defeat the Kaiser had gone and they had a new democratic government put in place during 1919. This new government where not to be blamed for the war and would expect to receive support from the other countries involved in the treaty of Versailles but this did not really happen. The newly formed German democratic government saw the Versailles Treaty as a dictated peace (Diktat). Not all Germans wanted to sign the surrender the war and accept terms of the treaty. France, which had suffered more damage wise than the other countries in the big four, had insisted upon harsh terms, the peace treaty did not ultimately help to settle the international disputes which had formed to start World War 1. On the contrary, the treaty created inter-European cooperation and started the recovery of problems that caused the war in the first place. Germany felt that the treaty should not be harsh and that it should be created with intentions of future cooperation and efficient, fair recuperation. To most Germans the terms on the treaty of Versailles were humiliating and unfair. Firstly Germany was to hold all war guilt. This was resented by them as they felt they participated in the war in self
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