The Trap of Advertisement Essay

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he trapBrea White English 104, Marmaud April 3, 2012 Falling in the Trap Have you ever invested money in a product just to feel like you had been deceived and the product is not what you thought? Advertisement companies are good at what they do; they know how to present products in a way to appeal to consumers. Sometimes advertising companies will stretch the truth and fill the ad with fillers like “new” and “free” to draw people in to buy that product. The uses of weasel words are unfair to consumers because they give false information just to sale a product. Companies advertise to appeal to a certain audience, in doing so they will use weasel words to gain the attention of their audience. “Slogans and all types of advertising messages have a clear purpose; they are intended to trigger a specific response” (O’Nieill, The Language of Advertisement, pg 371) Shoe companies like Nike and Adidas mainly appeal to the youth and they really have a hand on what draws them in. For an example Nike slogan is “Just Do It” and Adidas is “Impossible is nothing”, slogans like these are what I would call motivators. I call them motivators because they give people a feeling that whatever the task it they can do it, regardless if they are actually capable or not. These advertising companies know that sports and being active is the interest of a lot of youth so they target that. It is the advertising company’s job to know what people like and the youth is not the only ones who are targeted. In our society it is the adults who make most of the money, so it is in the company’s best interest to appeal product to them as well. Just as I stated before the companies are good at what they do, and just how they know what the youth like, they also know what appeals to adults. “Advertisers to wrap their claims in language that sounds concrete, specific and objective, when in fact

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