The Transistor Essay

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The Transistor Name Institution The Transistor Nearly every piece of machinery that stores, arrays, shows, or transfers information has basic silicon chips with an integrated circuit at its heart. These single chips contain thousands or even more than a million transistors. The story and invention of the transistor starts with the theatrical scientific innovations of the 1800s. This is because geniuses like Hertz, Faraday, and Maxwell made it feasible to harness electric power for human consumption. Discoverers like Fleming and Marconi used this information to develop beneficial electrical devices like receivers and the radio. The transistor is perhaps the most important technological scientific innovation made by man. The invention of the transistor and its successive remarkable development initiated the progress of the integrated circuit and the outstanding information processing and storing proficiencies of today. According to Ellinger (2008, p. 89), this is not amazing because the transistor was the main component in the assembly of the initial computers of the1940s. Few technologists did not believe that the transistor would infuse almost every domain of human existence. The transistors were an animated part of the developments in prevailing analog systems, for example, radios and sound systems before the digital outbreak. The invention of the transistor is the starting point of digital technology. The creation of the internet or space exploration would not have been impossible without the ‘humble’ transistor. The transistor is the ultimate building block of contemporary microelectronic devices and is pervasive in modern electronic assemblies. The improvement of transistor technology transformed the electronics field and led to the introduction of smaller radios, calculators, and

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