The Transformation Of Maria Fernandez Essay

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In “The Transformation of Maria Fernandez” author Anita DiPasquale describes, how a war in Nicaragua between the Sandinistas and the Contras affected Maria Fernandez life. When Anastasio Somoza Garcia had himself elected president of Nicaragua, all three Somozas ran the countries affairs to benefit themselves and against the interest of their citizens. Life for the Nicaraguan citizens was harsh, they suffered from poverty. When the people finally realized that life wasn’t going to get any better, they decided to turn to their only other option, the communist Sandinista government. When the Sandinistas overthrew the Somoza regime in 1979, they became the government of Nicaragua. The Sandinistas were a communist regime that sought allies with Castro and the Soviet Union. The “rebels” then were the men from Somoza’s military, who were now running the contra-rebellion. This war between Contras and Sandinistas cause countless of deaths and left many young citizens alone with no mother or father. Through the story DiPasquale sees the before and after changes of Maria, the psychological and emotional change that Maria goes through since she lost her family. Maria’s early life was difficult but she was happy because she was part of an intimate and loving family. Maria lived in the north, in Matagalpa which was known for its mountains and its hard living. People from Matagalpa were different from other Pacific cultures; they worked alone on their small plots of land. The land was small and not fertilized, so Maria and her family had to work extra hard to grow food to survive. Maria’s dad assigned the job of spreading the fertilizer on their land to Maria. Despite all the hard work they were very happy and working together on their land made them very close to each other. Maria remembers fondly of her mother, of her cooking and

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