The Transformation of Elizabeth Essay

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The queen is dead, long live the queen. These words that Elizabeth heard subsequently after her sister Queen Mary’s death, would bring life transforming circumstances into the young princess life that would forever shape England. Her response to these paramount words were, “This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes”. The name Elizabeth means an oath of God, or a promise of God. I believe that Elizabeth was divinely chosen and ordained by God to take the throne of England as queen. Despite Elizabeth’s instable and emotionally wrecked childhood, and her persona non grata life as a princess in the shadows of her tyrant sister Queen Mary, Elizabeth would overcome the odds in her rise to the throne transforming into the most prominent and matchless Queen to ever reign.The observations that I concluded from the life and reign of Elizabeth as queen, First and foremost was the hand of Almighty God was upon her. I see the grace of God displayed all throughout her life, specifically in her reign as queen of England. From the beginning I see God’s divine providence and hand of protection on her life. In my opinion God foreordained her to become queen of England and to use her as a vessel to establish the Church of England and bring peace upon the people of God during the dark riotous days of religious reformation. The movie depicts the untimely succession of young Elizabeth as the Queen of England. After Queen Mary I died, having no heir- Elizabeth was declared as the Queen of England in November 1558. With Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne, problems arose. Her kingdom has no fortune, has no stable army and is under a serious threat from other nations. Elizabeth was deemed unfit to rule because she is a bastard child, illegitimate, whore, and heretic. Her chief adviser, Sir William Cecil, suggests marriage for it is the only resort. Elizabeth Marriage will

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