The Transferred Sales Representative Essay

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CASE STUDY The Transferred Sales Representative In partial fulfillment Of the course requirement In HUMANBE K36 Gerald Kagaoan Shawn Uy Rochelle Triguero May 30, 2014 1. Comment on the positive and negative events in this case as they relate to organizational behavior. The events in the life of Harold Burns, a district sales representative in an appliance firm, as viewed in a dichotomy of positive and negative events can reinforce or deter his good performance in the organization. The positive events which happened in his experience as an employee of the firm is that he has been consistently meeting his sales target ever since he stayed with the said business. As a veteran sales representative, he received a recognition from the company through the receipt of a 20-year service company pin. The pin is given prestige and high regard by members of the organization as it is a sign of loyalty and a proof of hard work by the employee wearing it. It serves as a reward to a good performance and service given to the company. While the company professionally sent notice to Burns that he will be assigned in the Gunning district branch of the firm, it was a late notice which has somehow resulted to several negative events in his experience. The company informed George Dowd, the replacement of Burns, prior to notifying Burns. As such, Burns knew of the re-assignment plans from other people instead of receiving the message directly from the higher executive of the firm. Since the news came from an unofficial source, he chose not to believe it. The official notice came thereafter which somehow brought to light positive events. However, it came 3 days prior to his transfer to the underperforming Gunning district. The negative event in which the news came to Burns through a third person may have caused him to ask several questions in which he may have

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