The Trail Of Tears Essay

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Nicole Davis John Cosco U.S History to 1865 11/17/2011 The Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation John Ehle New York: Doubleday 1988 Anybody who has taken a U.S history course in college or high school knows that the trail of tears killed thousands of native Americans. They died of starvation, disease, fatigue, some froze in the winter walks and some simply got lost from the group and never made it to the final destination. John Ehle’s book The Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation shows the struggles that the Indians went through before, during and after the journey to their new land. In the book The Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation the two leaders of the Cherokee tribe, John Ross and Major Ridge, were both working towards the same goal. Both leaders often went to Washington to talk to different politicians about keeping the land they had owned for years, long before the colonies and then the U.S was there. After many, many trips they finally realized that there was no way the government was going to let the Cherokees keep their land. In the end they signed a treaty allowing the Cherokees two years to get all their things together and move on to a new land. Major Ridge and John Ross had different plans for when the two years was up. Major Ridge’s plan was to get as many Cherokees as he could convince to move to the new land. A couple thousand moved to the new land before the two years was up. Once two years was up the government provided the thousand Cherokees that were willing to move with keel boats. Major Ridge and his family was on one of the first voyages. Each voyage took around 24 days. John Ridge, Major Ridge’s son decided to take a different route. He and a couple of his friends went by horse back and carriages. Their trip took nearly twice as long

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