The Toyota Way: Driven From The Top Down Essay

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THE TOYOTA WAY: DRIVEN FROM THE TOP DOWN TRAVIS CLARK LOGS5306 MILLER Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 UNDERSTANDING TOYOTA 3 MANAGERIAL PRINCIPLES 5 JIT 12 ELEMENTS OF JIT 12 ANALYSIS/RECOMMENDATIONS 15 BIBLIOGRAPHY 17 END NOTES 17 INTRODUCTION Toyota has long been considered an industry leader and innovator in terms of quality, production, customer service and loyalty. For decades, other companies, even those outside the automotive industry have desperately tried to emulate Toyota in order to achieve excellence in production and sales. Many a company has sunk millions upon millions of dollars trying to implement a Just in Time (JIT) production system like Toyota. Most of them failed. These companies failed not only because they tried to do it “their” way, they failed because they didn’t have the mind set Toyota had when they embarked on their journey to become the best. The Toyota way isn’t a straight-forward path to perfection or quality. The Toyota way isn’t a 12 step program that can be followed to fruition. The Toyota way can’t be implemented without first knowing exactly what you want to do and a clear direction of how you want to get there. Lastly, you can’t immulate the Toyota way as a concrete plan without being understanding and being fully committed to the intangibles that will help you get there. The Toyota mind set is a desire to be the best, the best at what they do in every step of the process; not only the process of building cars, but at the process of life. Toyota believes not only in making things internally better, but in making those things around them better along the way. UNDERSTANDING TOYOTA In order to begin to comprehend the extent to which Toyota’s philosophy reaches throughout the company and beyond, you must first know the main principles which Toyota was

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