The Toxic Truth About Sugar Analysis

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A Deadly Drug Who ever thought that sugar, one of the sweetest ingredients you could add to your food, would be deadly to someone. According to “The Toxic Truth About Sugar” by Robert Lustig, Laura Schmidt, and Claire Brindis; sugar can not only cause infectious diseases, but also 35 million deaths annually. Studies have shown that sugar causes diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Although obesity is the main cause of the deaths that occur, sugar is the main reason for obesity. Tobacco and alcohol are regulated by the government to protect public health, yet sugar still isn’t. Lustig, Schmidt, and Brindis state that “over the past 50 years consumption of sugar has tripled worldwide.“ They also brings up the past saying that…show more content…
I do believe sugar can be addicting because I myself have never gone a day without having some kind of sugar. Lustig, Schmidt, and Brindis states how “[o]ver the 50 years consumption of sugar has tripled world wide.” Instead of fixing the problem we are just getting worse. Since sugar is “cheap” we should make it more make it more expensive and hope for a change. Also, even though petitions keep getting “denied” we shouldn’t give up until there is a change. My uncle has diabetes and every time he sees me eating chocolate or some sort of candy he tells me that I’m going to end up dying from diabetes also because that’s all he would eat, I wouldn’t really take him seriously I would just laugh about it. But now I see that it could be true. Lustig, Schmidt, and Brindis have made their clear on the deadly affects of sugar to me. They were very persuasive and convincing on what has to be done. I believe that sugar should be regulated. The government should take this situation seriously and see that sugar has caused a lot of problems worldwide. Sugar has caused many diseases and deaths to the point where there needs to be something about it now. Even if it’s just something small like only being able to buy only so much food with sugar at a grocery store. The government should set a

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