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The Town movie trailer stars with Ben Affleck who appears to be a criminal in a group of bank robbers who seem to come out clean as FBI agents are hunting the criminals down. Ben Affleck appears to fall in love with the woman that became hostage in a bank robbing attempt. The movie trailer seems like it turns into a romantic movie with a ton of action and violence which seems to take both Ben Affleck and the woman down a very dangerous path. The Town movie trailer starts off with a woman telling her story, to an FBI agent, of being robbed at gunpoint while in a bank. This scene appeals to mainly male viewers, for men are more likely to be ones that are involved with getting into trouble with the law and thus indicates that it will be an action packed filmed, which is aimed more towards male viewers. In the next few scenes, it shows the same woman in distress and very emotional about what happened in the past week. Ben Affleck, main character of the movie, appears trying to comfort her and asks her out for a drink. This scene was implemented to show that this movie will also have romance within it. Women, in particular, are more into love story’s and romances with fairy tale endings. I think film makers incorporated this scene into the trailer to show that this movie is geared for a large targeted audience that not only includes just male viewers, but also includes both genders. In the following scenes it shows a lot of action packed entertainment going on with quick short scenes of guns being fired and FBI agents pursuing the bank robber’s. These scenes are very dramatic and try to get the target audience to be interested with the film. Not very many people like watching boring unaction filled trailers. Affleck states that “he wants to make a change”, thus indicating he may be a part of the whole bank robber situation. This scene puts a motive behind Affleck’s

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