The Tortilla Curtain Essay

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The Tortilla Curtain The United States is a country that has gone through various periods of political and economical disparity throughout its history. These periods were caused because of many different reasons, but one of the main reasons was immigration. The United States has been faced with many different immigration patterns; for example people coming from places such as Europe, Asia, Africa and the most recent troubles of immigrants from Mexico. The novel The Tortilla Curtain by J.C Boyle is one that describes the ways that illegal immigrants struggle in the United States, and how the white Americans adjust their lives because of these immigrants. This novel shows how the United States is affected by the other people of the world, in which labor, consumption and the view of these people are what shape the United States. The United States current labor regulations and are shaped due to immigrants, illegal ones at that, and the current consumption rate is what is driving the labor demands. In The Tortilla Curtain, J.C Boyle shows the unrelated relationship between a white American couple and an illegal Mexican immigrant couple. The two Mexican immigrants, America and Candido, are the ones that show the ways in which Americans rely on them for doing work, mainly the dirty work. The Americans in the novel; Kyra and Delaney, on the other hand are the ones that have strong opinions against the immigrants. Their idea of “the other” as Americans was all based on discrimination and stereotype. The Tortilla Curtain was published in 1995, which was many years before the United States has faced the peak of illegal immigration. The novel is considered just a preface to what was going to happen in the future with illegal Mexican immigration into the United States. Boyle shows the United States citizens as being discriminating against the minority, and that

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