The Topic Relevant to Sonographer Career Essay

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The Topic that is most relevant to my career To begin with the most interesting topic that I found in this course is chapter 3 Developing through the life span. Learning about the development of a baby from the zygote stage to the fetus stage is important for a person studying to become a sonographer. A sonographer is a person in the medical field who can operate in a machine to produce images, scans and or videos from the insides of a human body. First, the zygote stage is the beginning of human life. In here the conception begin when the female egg joins with the gametes of a male (sperm). This development takes from conception to two weeks. In this process the cells begins to divide to form multicellular organisms. All genetics information’s form here, half from the mother and the other half from the father. This stage contains sex chromosomes “ organized structure from the DNA” in here the sex of the baby is determine but it can’t be show yet because is not big enough. The baby is about ¼ inch long. After the zygote stage is done the next stage would be the embryo. The second stage is the embryo here is where the body starts to form. The embryo begins with the formation of the nervous system. Then organs begin to form and function and the heart begin to beat. This stage takes from the second week until the eighth week of pregnancy. In this period the baby grows from a tiny cell into as little as 1 inch. During the first month the embryo look like an animal for example a dog or a cat ; then in the second month it began to take human features: eyes, legs, hands, the muscles, the tendons and everything start to from the head becomes more lager than the rest of the body. In this stage the baby can develop diseases such as deformation, heart problems, and lung not develops completely, cleft lips. Those diseases can be determined

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