The Titanic: Comparing The James Cameron Film To t

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James Cameron's Titanic is the 1997 fictional film based on the real-life sinking of the RMS Titanic. E.J. Pratt's epic poem, The Titanic is the 1982 poetic account of the sinking. The Cameron film's main characters are Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater. Though Jack and Rose are fictional characters in the James Cameron film who run through a love story, I believe that they are both used to show the extent of the chaos and the wreckage of the Titanic – which is also what the Pratt poem is used for. As E.J. Pratt uses the theme of man's arrogance to show how badly things went wrong on the Titanic, James Cameron uses the love story of Rose and Jack to show the same thing. Both Cameron and Pratt uses ideas of their own mind to show the chaos of the sinking. Pratt also describes the theme of man playing God when he writes “To fold the heavens up and reinduce what ancient hubris in the dreams of men, which would have the slain the cattle of the sun, and fliched the lightnings from the fist of Zeus.” In the movie, the Titanic is referenced as the Unsinkable. This small display is exactly what Pratt was referencing – as Pratt was making the claim that everyone tried to pre-determine the ship's fate before it could ever be seen. Cameron uses a barrage of special effects to capture the brutality of the sinking. The most obvious one being the water enveloping the innards of the ship and rising up higher and higher within the rooms and the halls. Pratt describes this with “The without a wind, a lop was forming one the wells now fathoms deep. The seventy feet – the boat deck's normal drop was down to ten. Rising, falling, waiting, rising again, the swell that edged and curled around the second bridge, over the top of the air-shafts, backed, resurged and whirled into the stokehold through the fiddley grating.” (155-163). When I visualize Pratt's description of the
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