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The RMS Titanic was built at the Harland and Wolff Shipyard in Belfast. Her construction took three years beginning in 1909 and ending in 1911. Already by the end of March the keel was laid and the ship was taking shape. The Titanic and her two sister ships, Olympic and Britannic made up the Olympic Class Vessels of the White Star Line, then one of the main and powerful naval companies. The goal was to create huge transatlantics never seen before that exceeded in size and luxury, the ships like those of the rival Cunard Liner, which were faster. The Titanic was designed to be practically unsinkable as it was claimed in a famous magazine “The Shipbuilder”, this due to the construction of sixteen watertight compartments so that even in case of three, maybe four flooded ones the ship would stay afloat. These watertight doors could be closed automatically by a switch on the bridge. Every day millions of workers like smiths and hammers left their towns to go to work in the shipyard, life in Belfast ran fast. They only earned 2 pounds a week and if they worked in the evenings and on Saturdays too, they would earn 4 pounds a week. The Titanic was built side by side with her eldest sister ship, Olympic. At first the ships were tagged only with the number of construction, therefore they were respectively called “Number 401” and “Number 400”. The works for the Olympic started in December 1908. The keel of this ship was very large and it took six whole weeks to lay it down! The double bottom of the Olympic wasn't finished yet when people started to lay down the keel of the Titanic. The Olympic should be launched seven months earlier than her younger sister, therefore those seven months were needed to finish the Olympic. Because of that, the Titanic was built a little slower. For the workers in a shipyard the launch of a ship is always a day of celebration and sure

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