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The Timeline and Modern Use of Virtual Reality Essay

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The Timeline and Modern Use of Virtual Reality

Jason W. Miller
Ashford University

INF103: Computer Literacy
Professor Bonita Spight-Williams
October 29, 2012

Virtual reality is among us.   The history of virtual reality (VR) has it defined in several ways, from the first idea of VR to the modern use.   Most confuse the true identity and origins of VR, naturally; this being due to the modernized idea and use of the technology.   Throughout the body of this essay I will discuss and expose the true history, identity and uses of virtual reality through the recognition of the technologies most notable individuals and organizations.   For VR is used more often today and in more abstract ways than the common person would realize.
Most would believe that the history of virtual reality dates back to the 1990’s, though highly recognized during that era, it is untrue.   Virtual reality could be defined as intricate hardware and software pieced together, used in unison, to compile and create an illusion of a virtual world.   However there is a more intricate way of describing VR itself;   VR known as cyberspace in the earlier frontier has been expressed as a “globally networked, computer-sustained, computer-accessed, multidimensional, artificial or ‘virtual’ reality” (Hillis 1999, P.1).   Early developer Frank Biocca suggests that VR offers environments where the user is exposed to areas that have no absolute form, yet they feel present due to the processed realization of the brain.   Virtual reality, though easily confused with virtual environment, is actually a co-component of the alter-title.   Both technologies do however feed off of each other; this will explained in further detail later in the paper.
Flight simulation, what some suggest as the first idea of virtual reality, was invented in 1930 by Edwin Link.   Link patented what was known as the Link trainer; the Link trainer was a mock pilot cock pit composed of controls and instruments similarly found in the actual...

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