"The Time We Live In Is The Winter Of The World".

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"The time we live in is the winter of the World". When there are a numerous problems and restrictions for the people in the World that time is known as the winter of the World. Comparing the past eras with the present scenario, it would be analyzed that the present time is very much difficult time. There are many causes behind this that nuclear expansion, corruption, misuse of natural resources, etc are growing day by day. The effective measures to curb over the worst time are required. Thus, the time we live in is the winter of the world. The past eras have played vital role to deal with the time for living easily. The examples of Roman and French revolutions have great importance in the difficult time. Both the nations revolutionized to build their social, economic and political aspects of life according to the need of time. The Arab period, before Islam, is also called the time of great darkness. To fulfill the need of brightness in the people of that time, Islam brought the light of awareness for the people. The contemporary time is also called the winter of the world. The problems of natural disasters, insecurities, terrorism, imperialism, etc are spreading. These problems have been badly affecting on the social, economic, political and religious, aspects of human life. Such times of great restrictions have been regarded as tuff time. There are many causes behind making the time worst. On the one hand, the natural disasters are creating the unrecoverable hurdles and on the other hand the human beings are developing the difficulties. Global Warming, Earthquakes, Acid rain, etc, are due to the misuse of natural resources. Such as Chlorofluorocarbons, are harmful for the ozone layer in the atmosphere of the earth. Such types of problems make human life so injurious. Human beings have also created problems for themselves due to their evil nature. The
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