The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls

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In “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, which is an abstract diction and has deeper meaning lying inside it, the poet gives us a beautiful image by explaining different views in the poem .However; we can see the beauty of his art by understanding the deeper philosophical meaning beneath the poem. The poet used personification, metaphors, symbolism, synecdoche and refrain to compare the cycle of nature with cycle of life. The main message of this poem tells us that with all the different effects that we cause to nature, eventually nature will dissolve us, our experiences and ideas and continue on its path. The Persona in this poem is the poet himself who gives us different images from a town and it’s sea shore .In the first line of the first stanza “The tide rises, the tide falls “(l.1), the poet is talking about a repeating cycle in nature. By paying close attention, we see that at the end of all three stanzas in this poem, Longfellow used refrain by repeating the same line. This also gives us a hint on understanding the repeating path of the nature. I believe that the poem is also trying to tell us that there are different experiences in peoples’ lives. Some of them are good some bad, some of them are happy some sad, and some of them are for crying some for laughing. I think the poet is trying to tell us that we shouldn’t worry a lot in our lives cause after bad and difficult moments there are good and happy moments in our lives. It also gives me a sense that after a life ends another one begins. In the second and third lines of this poem the poet is drawing an image for us showing the twilight is fading away on the brown sea-sands on the sea-shore. These two lines are giving us a scene in an instant of time. In the fourth line of Amir Etesam this poem, the poet is talking about a traveler who is hurrying to come to a town. I think in
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