The Three Wars Of Robert Ross Essay

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Wars; much like people come in many different forms whether it’s a physical war between two or more countries. Whether it’s a war in the home with family. Or even a psychological war with one’s self. These are all wars that must be waged and fought until the bitter end. Once the end comes no one is left unscathed no matter which war one has fought. That is what Timothy Findley is trying to show by making the title of his book The Wars plural. War in it’s most basic sense is two or more factions fighting to gain something. In The Wars Robert Ross goes off to fight in the great war, which was later to be known as World War One. Even before the war begins there is foreshadowing of what to come. As Robert Ross is getting on the train to take him off to war he steps in a puddle of mud (“Robert closed his eyes and made his choice.He stepped down into the puddle of mud” pg 16) foreshadowing his decline into a crater during a German gas bombing. (“Jesus. Gas.” pg 123) At the bottom of this crater is a large pit of mud which if one wasn’t careful around death would be a likely possibility. We also see foreshadowing on the ship taking him too England. The ships hold is very much like the trenches in the war, very dark, damp, bleak, depressing and extremely crowded and cramped. Along with the parallel of the ships hold to the trenches you also get a very strong contrast between the ships hold and the prairies where Robert Ross would run. The prairies were wide open and free where as the ships hold is too crowded to really move about. You also see much of the effects of the war on Robert and Taffler. Taffler is a giant of a man who is very strong but becomes wounded and ironically looses his arms. When Taffler looses his arms he tries to commit suicide while contrasting to that when Robert Ross becomes wounded he strives to live on. This shows that war will effect everyone
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