The Three Mockingbirds In To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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the three mockingbirds in to kill a mockingbird the three mockingbirds in the novel are boo radley, tom robinson, and to a lesser degree, dolphus raymondrologue that tells the general outline of the story foreshadowing future events. The prologue is followed by the rest of the play which is in 5 acts. Unlike some of Shakespeare’s other plays, most, if not all, of the main actions are onstage. The single plot is chronological and easy to follow. There are no flashbacks and no dream scenes. The attention is generally paid to Romeo as the focus follows him through the play. Exposition - The exposition starts with the prologue and the first fight setting the stage and the mood of the rivaling families. The prologue states that these two families have been feuding for a long time and that two lovers will die because of it. The fight shows the extent of the feud. Initial incident - The first incident that set the story moving happened at the party. Romeo meets Juliet and falls in love with her at first sight. Rising action - The action starts to rise greatly at the balcony scene where each profess their love for each other. They decide to get married and plan it out. The rising action continues through the marriage, and the separation. Climax - The climax is the inacting of the father’s plan. Juliet pretends to be dead, and Romeo does not know it and commits suicide. Falling action - The action begins to fall after Juliet commits suicide after finding Romeo dead. It continues as both families find their children dead. Denouement - Escalus tells everyone that the deaths are the result of their feuds and everyone feels guilty. Character I did not believe that the characters in this play were very well established. While the interest in Macbeth came mainly from watching the main character and his mental development, it was not so in
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