The Three Main Injustces in Saudi Arabia

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The Three Main Injustices in Saudi Arabia Have you ever treated someone differently because of what race, gender, ethnic or religious subdivision they happened to be? There is hardly anyone in the world who hasn’t practiced some kind of discrimination against others. This paper purpose is to describe three social injustices in today’s Saudi society; which are Racial, Gender and Religious discrimination. Recently, discrimination in Saudi Arabia has reached such levels that warns for a crisis. Discrimination of all kinds covers every life aspect in Saudi, from job opportunities to waiting your turn at a public restroom. Indeed, discrimination is extremely prevalent in Saudi and takes various forms. However, we can’t help but recognize Racial, Genderl, and Religious discrimination as the main kinds of injustices in the Kingdom. Racism is committed against everyone. However, honest peaceful foreign labors form respected counters such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Philippines suffer the most. In addition, Arabs from other countries, such as Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria, aren’t safe from the wrath of the livid Saudis’ racist attitude. Not to mention that, Saudi citizens of non Bedouin origins, such as people from Jeddah, Madinah, Makah and the Western Provence of Saudi Arabia in general suffer from the discrimination committed against them by the Saudi citizens of Bedouin origins. Unfortunately, gender discrimination or Sexism is an unshakable part of the culture in Saudi Arabia. Women are harshly harassed and stripped from their basic rights. For example, women are forbidden from driving or obtaining driver license by the law passed by the supposed Holy Pentecostal Sheikhs. The mind boggling thing is that many women, let alone most of men, side with them. When they argue over this plainly obvious violation of human rights, they
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