The Three Little Pigs: Violence In Fairy Tales

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VIOLENCE IN FAIRY TALES Parents should not protect their children from violence in fairy tales. Children can learn important life and personal skills. Violence in certain fairy tales can help develop skills for children, it exposes them to real life situations and it teaches children to be more creative and use their imagination. Some parents use fairy tales to put their children to sleep and some parents/teachers use fairy tales to teach kids to read. Most importantly fairy tales taught us and will teach our children about how to put what we know and learn to use in life. Fairy tales help us develop life skills. Problem Solving is a life skill we all need and learn as children from playing with puzzles to coloring inside the lines. In The Three Little Pigs there was a wolf that was picking on the little pigs. They each built…show more content…
Character judgment is also taught in fairy tales. In Little Red Riding Hood she had to figure out for herself who was good and bad, who to trust and not to trust. While taking an innocent trip to visit her grandmother in the woods, she figured out she could not trust the bad wolf for trying to eat her and her grandmother. She figures out that she can trust the good hunter who has come to help and protect them from the wolf. Teamwork is also taught in fairy tales. In The Four Skillful Brothers all four brothers had to figure out how to work together to successfully complete their tasks at hand. Each brother had a different skill he learned and knew better than his brothers. They saved a princess by using all their skills and were rewarded for doing so. So there is not only violence portrayed in fairy tales but things children can learn from. With children we must teach them so many things, like what to do and what not to do. What to
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