The Three Components That Make Up Worldviews

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The three components that make up my worldview are Ethnics, Knowledge and Human Nature, because they shaped my thoughts, experience, education and life decision. My personal worldviews are similar to certain aspects of different groups instead on just one. Similar to Naturalist and Secular Humanist, I believe in Modern Science and the Theory of Evolution. I also believe that most of the problems in the world are the cause of ignorance, mistakes and lack of understanding. And that people are capable of solving their own problems through self-improvement and experience. However I do acknowledge the existence of a god and believe that everything in this universe was created by that same God; Similar to Pantheist, New Age and Christians Although my beliefs are entirely different from Christians, I am a firm believer in their ethical views. I think Ethics plays an important part of how people view the world. Although it is possible for everyone to have different views, having a structured set of principles can be commonly shared. People with good structured principles have a better capacity to view situations in a more broader sense. These people views are usually base on logic instead of ill-rational thinking. I believe my parents or role models taught me reasonable ethics. I learn many valuable thinking, but the best is think for myself and make my own chooses without any negative influences. Knowledge also plays an important role in a person's world view. Similar to Naturalist and Secular Humanist, I think that everyone has the ability to empower themselves through knowledge. I Believe that human problems are caused through lack of knowledge and mistakes. Learning instead of being judgmental can greatly change someone views. In my experience, people views of certain things are often distorted due to lack of understanding. For example, I think often people will
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