The Threat of Punishment Controls Crime

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Cesare Beccaria argued that the threat of punishment controls crime (Siegal, 2011, 2008). Do other forms of social control exist? I would have to say yes because this is what our society assesses as normal behavior; it is a form of control because people want to be accepted. There are a number of other social controls such as peer pressure, financial risk, and fear of harm to that individual. In regards to peer pressure, if an individual is in an environment where it is not ordinary behavior to commit a crime then that individual will do everything in their power to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with everyone else that is in their group. Most people seek social approbation for right actions, but receive social disapproval for wrong actions. The financial risk occurs when an individual is incarcerated for committing a crime. Most convicted felons have a difficult time finding employment after serving their sentence. Many employers do not give convicted felons an opportunity to prove that they are reformed after paying their debt to society. Fear from harm by someone is also a social control. Depending on the severity of the crime, many victims of crimes and sometimes their loved ones seek revenge for the wrong that has happened to them or their loved one. Crimes that are of extreme nature such as murder, assault, and sexual based crimes often leave victims and their families wanted to punish the perpetrator to the maximum. Sometimes many feel that the sentence issued by the law was not enough and it is their responsibility to make the perpetrator pay for doing their family wrong. Aside from the threat of legal punish recent, what else controls your behavior? A person's behavior is controlled by their sense of right from wrong. An individual’s upbringing sets behavior expectations that become a part of what is acceptable or not in how we

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