The Third And Final Continent

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Reading Analysis Questions on “The Third and Final Continent” 1) How do Mala and her husband deal with their son’s assimilation into mainstream American culture? Mala and her husband bring their son back home for visits. During his visits, the son eats rice with his hands which is a traditional way in Calcutta, India. They speak in Bengali in order for him to practice and not forget his native language. They even speak of their experience on America and how they got to meet Mrs. Croft. This way his son could still maintain his cultural background with him despite the fact that he was born in America. 2) Instead of leaving his weekly rent on the piano, the narrator of "The Third and Final Continent" hands it to Mrs. Croft. What does this say about his character? How does Mrs. Croft react? Why? Instead of leaving his weekly rent on the piano, the narrator hands it to Mrs. Croft, this change completely Mrs. Croft's usual behavior towards him. The narrator comes to be known as a generous, kind, caring , and thoughtful. Knowing Mrs. Croft condition and the fact that she was an elderly, he took it upon himself to help her in any way he could. In the story the narrator even mentions how hard it might have been for her to get up from her seat to get the money "I never saw her walking about, and assumed, from the cane always propped against the round table at her side, that she did so with difficulty". Mrs. Croft behavior changed because unlike any other person who lived there, none of them was ever considerate enough to do that. 3) What is the significance of “astronauts” in the story? The astronauts landing on the moon was to Mrs. Croft something extraordinary that had happen. Such accomplishment was never seen during the period of time in which she lived in. A man walking on the mood was to her something unbelievable. The narrator on the other hand
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