The Things They Carried Essay

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The Things They Carried Throughout everyone’s lives they have a story that is worth telling, but not all people are willing to work at having it told. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just does not allow us to see through the eyes of others. Fortunately, there are a select few willing to project their personal experiences to the world. Luckily, Tim O’Brien was brave enough to document his adventures into a biography. The Things They Carried is a biography following the themes of frontiers, dreams and goals, and the search for identity. The theme of frontiers explains how he traveled and had new experiences through the adventure; O’Brien managed to execute this throughout the whole book explaining what is happening in the foreign land. The frontier in this book is his “trip” to Vietnam, although, sounding quite vague, this is the main adventure in his story. Unfortunately he had to learn that we will all lose our friends, but he had to learn by watching them die. Not everything he learned was down putting or even about Vietnam, but also greatly about himself. O’Brien is beginning to have thoughts about people in the past who have died. He begins to dream about Linda from fifth grade alive and this is where he begins to believe in himself again. He can finally accept what has happened and move past it which turns around his whole thinking. Although Linda is who brought him to this realization she is not the only person he has thought about. O’Brien whether he wanted to or not is always searching for his purpose or identity. Then when thinking about the writing he has done he realizes that if he had not been writing he may be not be able to deal with his self and might be in a “bad place.” This is where he realizes that he is a writer. This is the first day he has come to realize what he really loves and pursues it. The Things They Carried deeply

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